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Haledon Fire Company


The Volunteer Fire Department (Emergencies dial 911) consists of two fire companies with a total of 45 volunteers between them.  Fire Company #1 has 1 pumper truck, 1 aerial truck, and a first response truck.  Fire Company #2 has 2 pumper trucks.  All approved local firefighters receive training at the Passaic County Fire Academy and keep updated on current training procedures and regulatory requirements.  A Borough wide fire hydrant system is maintained by the department

Fire Company # 1

21 Pompton Road
Haledon, NJ 07508

Fire Company # 2

522 West Broadway
Haledon, NJ 07508



Chief Chris Bakker

510 Belmont Ave

(office) 973-790-8196

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Assistant Chief Alex Maletto
Captain Tom Bakker
Lieutenant Travis Nonn

Assistant Chief Ed Wilson
Lieutenant Jeff Brown



510 Belmont Avenue

973-595-7766 ext.135




510 Belmont Avenue

973-595-7766 ext.135



Herb Eggers (17)




History of Haledon Fire Company # 1

Active ImageIn compiling the accompanying story a good deal of time and labor was taken, to interview some of our leading citizens and a good many of our members who are still active in our department. I have found also that the that the name of Woodrow Wilson, Garrett A. Hobart, John McCutcheon, Floyd B. Marsh, and other outstanding citizens actively connected with history of the Haledon Fire Department.

The most outstanding name is that of William Buschmann, Sr. founder of the Haledon Fire Department, which dates back to 1804, when a handful of local citizens met for the formation of a fire-fighting unit. William Buschmann, Sr. long since passed to his reward, called the first meeting to order on a bitterly cold night of January 19, 1896. Two years after he had first started talking fire department, with the wind whistling about the windows of the Old Guild Hall, came the realization of what a fire would mean on such a night and not even a bucket brigade to meet in emergency in the little settlement.

Mr. Bushmann, Sr. was unanimously elected chairman of the meeting with William J. Barbour as first secretary. Among the names at the first meeting were those of William Pope, John D. Ulrich, and Silas H. Hall, James Martin, David Thompson, George Turner, George Britt, Steven Lutz and Hugh Johnson.

Since the organization was not yet formed, a question of how to arrange for the purchase of property came up. James Watson offered to contribute a tract of land and a deed was drawn in the name of William Buschmann, Sr., which remained in his name until more than ten years. Later it was transferred to the company. Afterwards passing to Borough Government in authority but the title actually remaining with the original company.

Thirty-two taxpayers signed the original papers of incorporation, the last being acknowledged on January 31, 1896, and filed with the county clerk. Three days later the HALEDON FIRE DEPARTMENT was born.

First interest in the department proved short-lived and about eight years few meetings were held. The question of apparatus was presented to the voters at the Primary Election but certain it was, however, no apparatus was forthcoming.

In August 1906, it was decided to erect our own building and work as started on a two-story structure on the Martin property facing Pompton Road. Loans were secured for the purchase of material and members of the company gave their time and labor with results that October 1st was set for dedication. Since it would take thirty days before a newly purchased apparatus would be delivered, it was decided to have a general celebration in November.

On November 28, 1906, the newly completed Fire House doors were opened to the public. A first parade was with Chief John Doty who had been newly elected as its head, after which Samuel Rogers, of the Township Committee, made a presentation speech and turned over the building and apparatus to the company officially.

The Haledon Fire Department had received its official recognition, at the point it is fitting to say that William Buschmann, Sr. founder, stood on the curb proud to see the fulfillment of his dreams of ten years or more before.

During the next few years the company prospered and became prominently known in fire circles throughout the state.

In 1908 it was decided to purchase a newly Silsby Horse-drawn steamer from the City of Paterson. The steamer was in excellent condition and secured at a favorable price, and 1000 feet of hose was purchased for the company, which brought the department to high efficiency for the period.

At about this time the Firemen’s Relief Association was formed with William J. Barbour as president and Emil Morel as secretary. William Buschmann, Sr. recently deceased, was succeeded by his son William Buschmann Jr., who at the present day was president of the Exempt Firemen’s Association, and his son is Chief of the Haledon Fire Department.

In the latter part of 1923, a new part of the Borough in the vicinity of West Broadway and Barbour Street was developed and it was conceived at a later date that we would have adequate protection if a new company was formed in that district, so a group of citizens formed a new company in 1928 and later in 1929 was officially recognized by the Borough.

Now ten years latter, 1939 Company 1 is equipped with a motor driven Ahrens Fox 750- Gallon Pumper, 50 Gallon Booster Tank, a 1,000 ft hose and extension ladder. Also a Diamond "T" Hose Truck that was bought by the company and equipped with 800 ft of hose, Chemical tanks, Brush Brooms and Indian Tanks.

Ten years later Fire Company Number One purchased two portable pumps with 1000 ft of 2 ½ inch hose to be used near ponds for fire fighting. This gave them usage of the three near by ponds and brook for water supply.

In 1957 the BOROUGH OF HALEDON bought a new Seagraves 65’ Ladder Truck witch was put into service on June 7, 1957.

Then in 1959 the BOROUGH OF HALEDON bought a new 750 GPM Mack Pumper with modern equipment for fire fighting.

Ten years later Fire Company Number One purchased the First Rescue Truck a 1969 Chevy with a the latest equipment for rescue including a boat. They also built a garage at this time to house the new equipment.

In 1978 the BOROUGH OF HALEDON bought a new 100 ft ladder with a 1500-gallon pump that would replace the 20-year-old seagrave truck.

In 1979 the members of Fire Company Number One refurbished the firehouse for the new truck at a cost of $21,000.00.

In 1980 the members elected the youngest Fire Chief Robert De Virgilio in the state at the time.

In 1984 the BOROUGH OF HALEDON purchased 1500 Pumper to replace the 1959 Mack pumper.

In 1989 a light truck was purchased by the fire company for lighting up the scene of the event or emergency.

In 1990 the BOROUGH OF HALEDON purchased a new Ford Rescue truck and Jaws of Life. This replaced the 1969 Chevy.

In 1991 the Fire Company purchased 2 new Boats for rescue in times of need.

In 1994 Miles donated to the Fire Company a Mini-pumper witch is used as a Rescue Attack Truck. This was fully equipment for Haz-Mat incidents.

In 1996 Fire company number on had 42 ACTIVE members and 15 non-active members.

This was an all time high.

During this year they were celebrating 100 years of service to the BOROUGH OF HALEDON.

In 1999 Fire Company had received a new 100 ft Ladder Truck.

In 2002 Fire Company Number One had a new addition to the engine room witch was provided by the funds from the BOROUGH OF HALEDON.